Dr. Luis Suarez, Director of the Social Community Program of AKBS, was working one more time helping the Community of Florida.

Once again Helping Florida together with its president Geo Herrera and President Luis Suarez from Suarez Museum of Natural Science & History celebrate two great events, the first one in the City of Hialeah at 10 in the morning at the Florida National University (FNU), directed by Dr. María Regueiro and the other at the City of North Miami Beach together with Mayor Anthony DeFillipo at 4 in the afternoon and this time for “Valentine’s Day”.

Almost 4,000 boxes of food were distributed that consisted of yogurts of different flavors of mango, strawberry and natural flavor of half a gallon as well as a gallon of milk, chicken, mincemeat, hot dog, potatoes, oranges, fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato, etc.

The events were attended by representatives of the neighboring cities to personally congratulate for so cute and great organized event.

All the residents were very happy as well as all the volunteers to work on such an emotional and joyous day.

It was a great blessing to share this emotional event for the community, says Mrs. Monica Canales from Dstino Peru magazine, which she was supporting in the two events that came from Peru, especially to these two humanitarian events.



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