This week a formal meeting was held in the United States in the City of Medley – Miami, Florida for the visit of the Ecuadorian candidate for Vice President, Dr. Alfredo Borrero Vega.

Dr. Borrero was received in the city with open arms from the honorable Mayors. In the City of Medley Miami, Mayor Roberto Martell presented him with the City pin and the commemorative gold coin as well as the City of Miami Lake from Mayor Many Cid gave him the city pin, he also received the prestigious pin of the key to the City of North Miami Beach from Mayor Anthony DeFillipo and finally, Ambassador Dr. Luis Suarez Hernandez presented him on behalf of Governor Tony Monte of the Lions Club International with the Governor’s pin for the 35N district.

Thanks to the personal Security and personal attention that the Crime Prevention Specialists assisted at all times from the beginning of the Airport, Hotel and City Hall for his personal safety.

The event was also attended by the Vice Mayor of Medley, the chiel staff of the City of North Miami Beach Mr. Greg Williams, the chief staff of the Mayor of Miami Lake, Mr. Joseph Sosa, Geo Herrera, President of Helping Florida, the journalist Ettore Sabatella, the international public relations of Coral Gables Merrick Lions Club Nancy Garay, or Ketty Paquita Cobrera among others.



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