At the Hilton in the City of Doral – Miami United Estates, cooperation agreements were signed between the Congresswoman of the Republic of Peru Yessy Melida Fabian Diaz, representative of Huanuco and the Suarez Museum Natural Science & History, in which the CEO / Founded Dayamy was present Rodriguez and the President / Chief Curator Luis Suarez.

At the event, mutual ideas for both countries were discussed and the issues of helping Peru with donations were discussed. Donations were sent to Peru that consisted of nebulizers, kid face masks, adult face masks, face shields, pampers, pee pads, etc. At the event, Mónica Canales general manager of Dstino Peru, Irina Herrera, Alexandra Lopez, Andrea Lopez, Geo Herrera of Helping Florida, Karla Lopez and Tony Allpas Ramos.

The congresswoman was in several formal meetings with different mayors of the United States such as the mayor of North Miami Beach Mayor Anthony DeFillipo also with the Mayor of Medley – Miami Mayor Roberto Martell.

They were also at the food drives at Florida National University with Dr. Maria C. Regueiro in Hialeah and in North Miami Beach with Mayor Anthony DeFillipo. There was also a formal meeting with the Consulate of the Republic of Peru that was received with open arms by the delegation of Ambassador Martha Lizarraga Picciotti who was present at all times since they arrived at the Miami-Florida Airport. They were also in meeting with Florida Universities and the Coral Gables Merrick Lions Club.



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