Ahmed Ziyan born on October 1985, with 11 years of experience in trading, international trading, and numerous other experiences.

In 2013 established his first international trading and exports company named as Azar Holdings Pvt Ltd in Sri Lanka. Motivation behind was to help and support his country where he was born, the Maldives.

Maldives is a country depending on imports from all around the world, as the co-founder of Azar Holdings he provided with the total solution around the globe. Engaged in government and private projects to assist in the imports and supply chain.

In 2016 he became engaged with some of the local fitness athletes and expanded his business with by opening a powerlifting gym. He is one of the shareholders as well as a board director of the company. Today metro flex has become the 2nd most well known gym in the Maldives.

In 2017 expanded the business in a different market, wholesale, and retail. Opened Azar Life, promoting and selling of healthy lifestyle products which are used daily on every household.

In 2018 started his political carrier along with Maldives Reform Movement (MRM). A registered political party in Maldives founded by the former president His Excellency Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom. He also represents himself as a member of interim executive committee, media committee, budget committee and campaign committee of MRM.

Currently he serves the nation as a deputy minister at ministry of environment. Other Professional Roles and Positions such as Senior Senator at the World Business Angel Investment Forum;  Associate at the Diplomat Business Club; or Hon. Member of Global chapter of the Della Group.

Welcome on board esteemed fellow Ahmed Ziyan!



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