Prof. Freire-Garabal presents his latest book “The XXI Century Business” published by the editorial of Al-Khalifa Business School.

Business learning will be the process, and you all also understand how a business starts and how they can profit from it.

And we all know business is all over to related to a name that is enterprise and every activity will be involved, such as if you are in business, you must be used to buying, selling and exchanging.

Because we all know without these three components, you can’t run a business because this is the company’s heart.

And every Entrepreneurs will also use the communities to make their business runtime bigger than they have. And this can make people happy and satisfy.

And there has one reason why we are going to learn this business learning process. Because we want to make a profit and that’s the main reason to start a business. Because we all know that without profit, no one wants to create any plan. And in business, the benefit is the crucial thing.

And we all need to understand if we can make a long business time and run successfully then we can accept more profit from it.

Because start-up is the key option to make a profit, and start-up is business. Hope you understand this point.

And don’t worry if you do not understand the entire topic perfectly.

With this book, we will make our steps in main parts that name primary function. You’ll get enough idea about Business learning and how to make a profit from it, and what is the way to make it profitable. 



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