Dr. Luis Suarez, Director of the AKBS Social Community Programs, has become the first nominated Environmental Ambassador of the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador).

Dr. Luis Suarez, an ambassador in the promotion of universal values, known as a lover of nature, Entrepreneur and with a long history in humanitarian services, has been conquered by the Galapagos Islands annealed by UNESCO Natural Heritage of Humanity in 1978 and six years later, the Biosphere Reserve, known around the world as the “Enchanted Islands”. In addition to other recognitions, they have been considered by the readers of USA Today magazine as the first destination to see before dying.

Dr. Suárez for his work and commitment to caring for the environment and protecting wildlife was appointed in the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador).

Environmental Ambassador, Illustrious Guest by decree as the most eastern island of the archipelago of the Galapagos Islands received the key to San Cristóbal, San Cristobal was where the protocol ceremony took place in gratitude for the visit and commitment to support the islands by Dr. Luis Suarez who also received the key to the island of Santa Cruz and Isabela. The ceremony featured at the presidential table with distinguished government authorities such as Joan Sotomayor Cobos – Minister of the Government Council of Galapagos, Henry Cobos Zavala – Mayors of San Cristóbal, Ángel Yánez Vinueza – Mayor of Santa Cruz, Leonardo Bolivar Tupiza Gil – Mayor of Isabela , Johanna Buenaño – Vice Mayor, Kevin Guillermo Cóndor Troya – Environmental Engineer and Environmental Director, Nohemí Becerra Councilor of San Cristobal, Diego Cruz – Councilor of San Cristobal, Jonathan Rodríguez – Councilor of San Cristobal, Gianny Arismendy – Councilor of San Cristobal and the Mayor Anthony DeFillipo – North Miami Beach who was also recognized for his visit and at the same time forged ties of friendship with several mayors of Ecuador thanks to the coordination of Nancy Garay.

Luis Suarez plans to return him soon to San Cristobal Island where he was impressed not only by his nature and his care but also by the quality of the people in charge of the Island.

On his return Suarez will travel with Dayamy Rodríguez Founder and CEO of Suarez Museum of Natural Science & History, Government Authorities and with delegates from Universidad San Ignacio University where Suarez is the international PR of the University and promotes the double degree and continue education.

Since childhood Suarez always yearns to visit the Galapagos Islands and be godfather of a species, Henry Cobos Zavala – Mayors of San Cristóbal who studied his history decided on a tour of the David Rodriguez Terrestrial Tortoise Breeding Center and already standing in front of the turtles gave him The great news of being Godfather of one of the turtles, at that time the prominent naturalist had the opportunity to choose his turtle which was speechless of the emotion that with respect to all the recognition received in his life for him was the best.

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