Dr. Milan Krajnc was honored to be invited as a Panelist on Post Pandemic Business Strategy and VIP Delegate to the Global Annual Investment Congress & Summit organized by the International Diplomatic Mission on 10th November 2021 at Dusit Thani, Dubai.

The event has been organized Under the Patronage of the Private Office: His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.

Attended were Diplomats, Royals, Businessman, Industrialist, Prominent Personalities with dignitaries from U.N, BRICS, SBC, ICAI, and other regional & Global Institutions.

There he received the award for best book in the field of Family Entrepreneurship. The book is available in English: In your parents ’shoes, and German language: In den Fußstapfen der Eltern.

Describes the transition of work and ownership to the next generation, the advantages and disadvantages of such companies, optimizing personal and business relationships, involving the older generation and controlling the work of young people, and arranging seemingly simple things like vacations, avoiding conflicts companies naturally present. And the multifaceted dynamics of family businesses, in which he draws the attention to the dangers of life (including personal stories) which gives the book the title of a good and useful guide for a specific segment of family entrepreneurship.

“A company should not become part of the family, but only a part of life”. Due to the intergenerational intertwining of personal and business life, family businesses are a specialty that requires a slightly different approach based on clear decentralization.

Specifically, to identify common interests, responsibility is transferred from one person to several family members, which allows the separation of business goals from personal ones and the clear identification of company goals.

Remember: A company is a living organism like the people in it!



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