Prof. Krajnc has created a business model that does not allow the personal complexes of leaders to affect the stability of a company or country.

The basis of leadership is knowledge of human psychology, which is very good always students of Psychology at the Universitat de Barcelona, ​​Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna, Universidade de Coimbra, University of Valencia and Al-Khalifa Business School. Where Professor Krajnc explained the basics of the Dynamic Leadership Model based on leadership psychology; How to separate the feelings of the owner in running a business.

Professor Krajnc is primarily a Crisis Manager in various companies and countries, where I help the management staff to look at the given crises optimally and objectively.

Because his professionalism quickly became known and he realized that he would not be able to do psychotherapy with everyone, he decided to make a business model that would in itself separate personal matters from business ones. So he resorted to his primary study and education, that is, physics. Professor Krajnc is very good at the law of nature. Therefore, he created a model of running a company, based on natural principles. Thus, he created a model that does not allow personal complexes of leaders to affect the stability of a company or country. For this model, he was nominated for the first Nobel Prize in Economics in 2021. He was also nominated this year as well.

The Dynamic Leadership Model is designed to stimulate people’s personal potential. Thus, manipulation, double work, exploitation is no longer possible. Everything works without stress and with profit.

His leadership model lays the new foundations of the world economy, which is increasingly recognized by experts around the world.

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