Prof. Krajnc and Prof. Freire-Garabal developed together a new book titled “El Camino de Santiago. Path of the Winner” published in July 2022. 

The book is intended for anyone who does not feel good in their body, environment, or skin but believes there is much more hidden inside them than they have revealed thus far. This book is a guide through the human personality. 

The entire program is based on a new scientific discipline that I developed as a scientist by studying natural, social, and business processes and basing it on physics, psychology, and economic fundamentals. Dynamology is the active study of “living“ processes and phenomena related to man and nature. It is a kind of decoding of nature‘s secrets. When we look at nature, we can see that everything is simple and works on its own. We often say how wonderful it would be if this were true in our own lives.

About the book

Everything begins and ends in a person’s head. Among birds, the eagle has the longest life span. It has a life expectancy of up to 70 years. But, in order to live that long, he must make a difficult and arduous decision at the age of forty: it must throw away “old and useless“ possessions. At this age, the eagle‘s long and flexible claws become unusable for hunting, and it can no longer easily catch the prey it feeds on; its long and sharp beak bends; and its old and heavy wings with thick feathers become stuck in flight, making it increasingly difficult to fly and hunt. At this age, the eagle has two choices: die or undergo a painful process of change, a true transformation that lasts 150 days.

This process starts at the peak of the mountain, where the eagle flies to. The eagle pecks at the stone with its beak so long until a piece of it flies away.

Then it waits for its new beak to grow. With it, it pecks out the old and inflexible claws. When new ones grow on it, it
plucks the heavy old feathers with them. It takes five months to complete the transformation! Then, like a young, flexible, and strong eagle, it takes to the air again. And so it lives for another 30 years. I assist each individual in making the decision to make a radical change in their lives, just as The Eagle did. Staying on top is the path of the winner!

We are heroes and winners, but we are not aware of it. We do not live that reality.

So all we have to do is wake up in the morning, put on the winner‘s shoes, dress in the winner‘s outfit, and eat the win- ner‘s breakfast. And through the door of our home, we have to enter the world on the path of the winner-as the winner.

The first step is the cleaning process. We will spend the most time on this in this book because once we remove everything that is impeding our ability to grow as individuals, everything else falls into place naturally. Cleaning out the mess, disposing of mental and emotional garbage, and bitter and painful childhood memories.

There is always only one winner, only one at the top, and only one crossing the path to the top, so we are always alone in the end. And it is only when we reach the top that we realize that the journey to the top was not nearly as difficult as staying there.

Many times, we manage to rise to the top through a series of fortunate events; very few people have carefully planned it and done everything in accordance to “some“ rules.

Once we are at the top and want to remain there, we must simply forget everything we have learned thus far; we must not cling to anything anymore; we must organize ourselves completely differently; and we must equip ourselves with new knowledge, skills, and points of view. In particular, there are entirely different laws at the top than on the way up. The most important thing is to know ourselves—who we are, what we want, and where we are headed. These are the fundamental questions that the eternal winners are attempting to answer. True, they never find these answers, but this is the symbolic meaning of their journey—the eternal search for the meaning of everything. And the deeper they delve into their inner core, the closer they get to the truth. This does not imply that they are now looking inwards with their head bowed down, but rather that they are aware of each step they take and that they feel it.

They begin to understand that we are on this planet for a reason and that our time here is limited. Every moment they do not feel is lost forever in eternity.

Before we can begin to cleanse our subconscious or psychological garbage, we must first establish a balance between the body, intellect, emotions, and soul; only when these components are in balance can we see what is right and determine our own destiny. We begin to realize that there is no predetermined destiny, but that we can choose from a multitude of different paths and be in charge of every step we take.

Only when we set out on a balanced path do we become aware of every moment; when we are fully focused on every step, we realize we are exactly where we need to be and feel free.

The ease of walking and being is the next step, so we must begin by strengthening the body, cleansing the intellect of redundant information, emotions, and old memories, and cleansing the souls of our past lives. The deeper we delve, the stronger we become, the lighter we become, and the greater the sense of incredible freedom we experience. In essence, the Path of Winners begins when they reach the Top that all others looking up to it believe to be the pinnacle (peak) of everything. Those who are there, on the other hand, discover that the Path is only beginning at the Top.

The book is a guide to the personal process of change on the Path to the Top for all Winners who have already reached the summit and are looking for a tangible signpost on all sides of the sky. The path to the Summit is frequently walked, paved, and visibly marked by many. The Path of the Winners, or the Path to the Top, necessitates a different path—the path to the inside of the Winner.

The book is a guide to the personal process of change on the Path to the Top for all Winners who have already reached it and are looking for a tangible signpost on all sides of the sky. The path to the Top is frequently walked, paved, and visibly marked by many. The Path of the Winners, or the Path to the Top, necessitates a different course—the path to the in- ner core of the Winner.

He must walk the Sirius Personal Transformation path (SiriusPersonalTransformation), which is described in the book Dynamic Leadership Model (ARA, 2017), and takes 5 to 7 months to complete.

We have included the entire program in the EL CAMINO DE SANTIAGO, where the most important thing is to think in the right way when we walk.

Winners, let your Path to the Top begin!



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