During his visit to the city of Ayacucho, the President and Chief Curator of the Suares Museum of Natural Science & History, Ambassador of the International Commission on Human Rights and Founding President of the Miami Ambassadors Lions Club, Director of AKBS Social Community Program, Delegate of the Royal and Military Order of San Miguel del Ala, Colonel of the Firefighters in the Dominican Republic, between other multiple commitments, Dr. Luis Suárez, highlighted the beauty and tourist potential of our city, where he was delighted with the gastronomy, crafts and agro-industrial products of micro and small entrepreneurs.

As he specified, after different meetings and approaches with the mayor of Huamanga, Arch. Yuri Gutiérrez visits the capital of the Ayacucho region in order to donate educational equipment; He also pointed out that he intends to support ASMYPE members to manage spaces so that micro and small entrepreneurs, as well as artisans and producers, can sell their products in the United States.

“This is just a beginning, we are going to continue bringing donations aimed at promoting culture, education and tourism. We are going to be the window for the world to learn more about Ayacucho, its textile art, its crafts and its high-quality products, supporting them with the necessary steps so that they can sell their products in the United States since we believe they have all the potential to be successful,” he said.

Dr. Luis Suárez was accompanied by the founder of the Suarez Museum of Natural Science & History, Ambassador of Mochica Sumpa and Diplomat of the NOEH / UN, Dayamy Rodríguez, and Ms. Mónica Canales Reynaga, general manager of DstinosPerú Magazine. . All of them were recognized by the Provincial Municipality of Huamanga for their commitment to economic reactivation and the development of the population.

The province of Huamanga was founded in the 16th century with the name of San Juan de la Frontera and was created by the Political Constitution of 1823. The history of Ayacucho began 22,000 years B.C. approximately, with the presence of the first men found in “Pikimachay” or “Cueva de fleas”, located 18 km from the city.

Currently, Ayacucho is considered one of the most beautiful cities, due to its colonial architecture and its great historical legacy.

Districts of the provinces of Huamanga: Acocro, Acos Vinchos, Andres Avelino Caceres Dorregaray, Ayacucho, Carmen High, Chiara, Jesus Nazarene, Ochres, Pacaycasa, Quinoa, Saint Joseph of Ticlas, Saint John Baptist, Santiago de Pischá, Socos, Tambillo and Headbands.



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