Miami Ambassadors Lions Club held a meeting on August 3 presided over by the board which included Dr. Luis Suarez – President / Founder, Gina Romero – Secretary / Treasurer, Mayor of North Miami Beach Anthony DeFillipo – 1st Vice President, Dayamy Rodriguez – 2nd Vice President / Services Coordinator together with all the members to finalize the details of the event. The event covered education, health and food, for all people in need.

Backpacks, school supplies, food, blood donation day, COVID tests, COVID vaccinations, and vision exams were distributed.

This event was successfully achieved thanks to the sponsorship of several organizations and volunteers who were supporting at all times.

The sponsors of this successful event prepared by Miami Ambassadors Lions Club were, Suarez Museum of Natural Science & History, US Coast Guard, Florida Rising, San Ignacio University, Avant Garde, Aventura-North Miami Lions Club, Shalon, Health Park Medical Center, II GD Miami and Miami Dade County.

Also after the event, a donation of school books was made to Sunshine – Preschool & Elementary Center where a back-to-school event was being held, one of the organizers being Pedro Fiallo.



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