Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Day in style in Miami at the house of the Consul General. The Consul General of Spain in Miami, Mr. Jaime Lacadena e Higuera, together with his lovely wife, personally received each of the guests in front of his beautiful house in Coral Gables, which was attended by more than 800 people including Ambassadors, Consuls, Mayors, Diplomats. , Entrepreneurs, etc. from different countries of the world.

The return was excellent between desserts and drinks, and of course, a delicious paella should not be missing, the attention was very professional and all the guests were satisfied with such a beautiful event.

Hispanic Heritage Day is a very important day in Spanish influence countries. This day is also known as the National Day of Spain and commemorates a key historical event in the history of almost all of America, the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

The continuous and historic celebration of Hispanic Heritage Day has led us not to question what originated this great day.  Hispanic Day is a day celebrated in Spain as well as in all Spanish-speaking countries.

You may know that the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America is commemorated.  This milestone had such an impact that it led to the discovery of the New World, a before and after in the course of history that connected two parallel worlds at the time, Europe and America.

Before 1926, this day was known as Columbus Day.  Later, the priest Zacarías de Vizcarra coined it Hispanic Day, a term anchored until then in the past.

A few months after Franco’s victory, the party and celebration of October 12, 1939, moved to Zaragoza for the name day of the Virgen del Pilar, patron saint of the city and with which this date coincides.  And, finally, in 1958 this day was decreed as the National Day of Spain, also accepted as the Day of Hispanic Heritage.

Photos: Consul General of Spain Don Jaime Lacadena e Higher, Foreign Minister Jóse Fernández, Mayor of the City of Miami Francis Suárez, Ambassador Luis Suárez Hernández and Maely Suárez.



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