Hundreds of community leaders and government officials from around the United States, Canada and Central America attended the beautiful and prestigious Gala Dinner in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The theme of the XVII Gala was that the USA Central American Coalition had the honor of recognizing the work of Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Diplomats, Politicians and Friends, who have distinguished themselves for their help and work in favor of our community around the world.

The Gala was dedicated to the integration of the Central American countries and to the vision of our Unionist General Francisco Morazán.

The masters of ceremonies; Rosario Grajales and Luis Aceves; the key points were The Union of Central America, The Central American financial system and our diaspora.

The special guests were Dr. Félix Ulloa – Vice President of the Republic of El Salvador, Milena Mayorga – Ambassador in Washington DC for El Salvador, Lidia Cindy Portal – Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador and Francisco A. Lima Mena – Secretary General of SIECA .

Consuls from different parts were recognized as such, such as the consul general in Las Vegas, Silvia Martínez Romero; Long Island, New York, Federico Guerrero; Silver Spring, Pedro Rodriguez; New Jersey, Ariel Valle; and in Manhattan, Daniel Erazo; Likewise, the Councilor of Las Vegas Isaac E. Baron, Ambassador Dr. Luis Suarez – Cultural Ambassador of Machupicchu / Environmental Ambassador of the Galapagos Islands, Dayamy Rodriguez – Executive Director / Founder of the Suarez Museum of Natural Science & History, Geremias Alvarado were also recognized. – Entrepreneur, Guillermo Guerra – Artist, Jose Domínguez- Director of Operations of the Central American Coalition USA, Javier and Nick Maldonado – CEO of Toro Taxes among others.

The event was also chaired by Dr. Felix Ulloa, Vice President of the Republic of El Salvador, Milena Mayorga, Ambassador of El Salvador to the United States, and Aner Iglesias, Honorary Consul in Nevada. The president of the Central American Coalition USA, Eduardo López Rajo, also participated; CEO of USA Alliance Financial, Kristi Vanbeek; among other special guests.

During the event, President Nayib Bukele sent an audio greeting and thanks to all those present at the Las Vegas 2022 event.

During his speech, Ambassador Suárez began by thanking Dr. Eduardo López Rajo for the honorable and cordial invitation and then went on to thank Lic. Eduardo Umaña – Consul General of El Salvador for trusting in him and respecting the humanitarian work. that they had been holding together at the consulate general of El Salvador in Miami and especially during the pandemic, as well as thanking Ambassador Milena Mayorga for her attention to the reception in El Salvador during her visit and of course she could not fail to mention the great work that President Nayib Bukele was doing and once again invited those who have not known El Salvador that they should visit it so that they can be enchanted as he was with its Volcanoes and Pupusas. Ambassador Suárez ended his dialogue exclaiming Viva El Salvador, Viva El Salvador and Viva El Salvador.

Cuban/American Ambassador Dr. Luis Suárez from Miami was recognized with the “EIGHT COUNTRIES AND ONE VOICE” Award as “EXEMPLARY FRIEND OF THE CENTRAL AMERICANS OF THE YEAR 2022”. his community leadership in the United States of America. At the same time we recognize the following of the high ideals of General Francisco Morazán Quezada, our Unionist of the Central American ISTMO. Las Vegas, November 4, 2022.

Delivered by Dr. Eduardo López Rajo – Executive President and Lic. Juan Antonio Villalobos – Vice President of the American Coalition USA Center.

Appointment published on MaynorTV News

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