Peru consolidated its presence in Miami – United States, with the inauguration of La Calle Perú in the City of Medley, thanks to the political will of its mayor Roberto Martell and the efforts made by Dr. Luis Suárez, Ambassador of Machu Picchu and President / Founder of the Miami Ambassadors Lion Club and Mónica Canales, General Manager of Dstinos Peru Tourism Magazine, the protocol ceremony took place on Saturday, November 19, with the presence of Peruvian and United States political authorities.

The mayor of the city of Medley, Roberto Martell, stressed that after visiting Peru and learning about our cultural traditions, crafts and gastronomy, it would be very important for Peruvians living in Miami and other states to have a street named after Calle Perú, where Peruvian culture can be disseminated in all its dimensions and where Peruvians and the United States can be brought together to make a real and effective cultural exchange; but this became a reality, thanks to the efforts of Ambassador Dr. Luis Suarez and the Peruvian Mónica Canales, who for more than 5 years have been working tirelessly to make Peru Street a reality.

Present at the official opening ceremony of Calle Perú were Roberto Martell – Mayor of Medley / Miami, Manny Cid – Mayor of Miami Lakes, Luis A. Marino – Mayor of Village Port Chester / New York, Marco De La Cruz Bustillos – Mayor of the Province of Pasco – Peru, Consul General Ambassador Martha Lizárraga Picciotti, Consul General Attached, SDR Minister Edwin Luis Gutiérrez Padrón, Congressman of Peru – María de los Milagros Jackeline Jáuregui Martinez de Aguayo, Congressman Alejandro Muñante Barrios, José Quiñonez Foundation, San Ignacio University, Mónica Canales, Manager of Dstinos Peru Magazine, Mirtha Facundo General Director of the Mozart Private School in Huánuco – Peru ect.

Young entrepreneurs from Peruvian culture and of course personalities from different countries were also present, supporting this initiative that will be an example to follow for other sister countries such as Cuba, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela. among others.
During the protocol ceremony, the President of San Ignacio University Dr. Federico Martínez gave some recognition to Mayor Roberto Martell, Ambassador Luis Suárez and Mónica Canales for their leadership as well as Ambassador Luis Suárez on behalf of San Ignacio University as Public Relations Officer International gave recognition to Mayor Luis A. Marino of Village Port Chester – New York.
The event had a special color with one of our traditional dances such as the norteña marinera by Abigail López, Frank Caicedo, Jesús Arteaga and Angelo León from the Miami Peruvian Dance Academy as norteña marinera champions, followed by and as a symbol of Peace and Friendship The Ambassador of Chancay Castle Maely Suárez closed with a flourish, releasing a dove symbol of the brotherhood between the two countries.
Our thanks to the Police of the City of Medley – Miami, for the unconditional support during the development of the event and providing the security and presence of this important cultural twinning event. Soon the Great Festival of Peruanidad will be announced to be held on Calle Perú, with the presence of representatives of Peruvian Culture, Crafts, Gastronomy and the representation of Pachamama, which is an ancestral custom of the Inca culture and will be represented throughout its magnitude on Peru Street in Medley – Miami.

Peru Street was approved with resolution by the City of Medley and Miami Dade County.


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