In love with the tourist attractions of Peru and promoting them internationally, Luis Suárez Hernández, Ambassador of the International Commission of Peace and Human Rights, visited the province of Nasca, accompanied by Mayor Jorge Bravo and journalist Augusto Reyes Landa, they toured each of the places. which are a wonder in the south of the country.

The Cuban-American Luis Suárez Hernández has visited several communities in Peru and this time he visited our province of Nasca where he was dazzled by our culture, security and order on our public roads. This character has extensive experience in international relations and has visited numerous countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, promoting cultural and educational exchange at an international level.

Taking advantage of his stay in the province of Nasca, the ambassador visited the Provincial Municipality, where Mayor Jorge Bravo treated him kindly and they exchanged ideas, expressing his willingness to work in favor of the province.

It is worth mentioning that Luis Suárez Hernández is not only ambassador of the International Commission of Peace and Human Rights and Ambassador for Universal Peace (UPF), Diplomatic Ambassador of the Noble Order for Human Excellence – NOHE / UN but he is also President and Chief Curator of the Suarez Museum of Natural Science & History and Cultural Ambassador of Machu Picchu, Maras, Aymaraes, Uchuraccay, Daniel Alcides Carrión, Ollantaytambo, Environmental Ambassador of the Galapagos Islands among other recognitions.



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