Prof. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez

Founder of Al-Khalifa Business School


Prof. Dr. Sir Igor Olegovich Eleferenko

Dean at Al-Khalifa Business School

Russian Federation

Prof. Olga Mroz 

Director of AKBS Open World at Al-Khalifa Business School


Lansana Kouyaté

 Former Assistant Secretary-General at United Nations and Former Prime Minister at Guinea


Dr. Vivek Lall

Chief Executive at General Atomics Global Corporation

United States of America

Sir Massimo Falcioni

Former CEO at Etihad Credit Insurance

United Arab Emirates 

Afaf Konja

Former Spokesperson at United Nations

United States of America

Nixon Duban

 Former Minister of Police, Transport-Infrastructure and  Petroleum-Energy at Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea 

Sheikh Ahmed El Haiba 

Chairman at Investment Gate

Kingdom of Morocco

Sayed Hadi Al Alawi

Chairman at Al Hayat Group

Kingdom of Bahrain

Mohamed Al Ali 

CEO at Sheikh Ahmad Bin Obaid Al Maktoum International Investment Enterprises 

United Arab Emirates 

Ali G. Asiri

General Manager at Directorates Merging Project of National Water Company

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Sir Sergey Pecheliev 

Vice-Rector at University of International Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia (MGIMO)

Russian Federation

Prof. Dr. Luka Powanga

Professor at Regis University, Anderson College of Business

United States of America

Alan Coxon

President at International Taste Institute

United Kingdom

Prof. Dr. Jagannath Patnaik

Vice-Chancellor at ICFAI University


Dr. Hari Eppanapally

Former Vice-President at The Bank of New York Mellon

United States of America

Dr. Reza Radmand 

Research Collaborator at Harvard Medical School

United States of America

Amb. Sir Luis Suárez Hernández

President at Suarez Museum of Natural Science & History

United States of America

Former Relevant Members: Academic Year 2019-2020

Amb. Dr. Paulette Bethel  – Bahamas Diplomat and Former United Nations Permanent Ambassador (Bahamas)