Business is the Basis of our Research 

Al-Khalifa Business School works directly with the corporate leaders of today to teach to the leaders of tomorrow to grow up in top ability and preparing experts to enter the current Worldwide markets.


Incubators of Leaders

  • AKBS offers students and partners full exclusive access to our pool of talented students in Business Areas.
  • Becoming a partner of Al-Khalifa Business School means being able to reach out to our large network of talented young leaders.
  • The opportunity of partnering means opening companies to students giving them the opportunity to learn and reaching new possibilities in the market with students’ commercial orientations.


AKBS brings own values to society. With our UNHW supporters and partners, we give to our students and affiliates the possibility to exchange information and business with the best companies in the Middle East.


Joint Ventures

  • AKBS offers consulting services to students through our fellows and mentors to open start-ups and new companies worldwide.
  • AKBS wants to give the quality that makes uniques to make you unique in your industry.


  • Lifetime partnerships are at the key for AKBS.
  • We offer different ways for our partners to extend their brand reach.
  • Our core values are the best marketing and the best results for and with our students and affiliates.
  • We make our marketing unique with personalized education for each industry.

AKBS Innovation Venture Labs