Associate Degrees

  • Associate Degree of Private Law.
  • Associate Degree of Public Law.

Bachelor Degrees

  • Bachelor Degree of Private Law.
  • Bachelor Degree of Public Law.

Master Degrees

  • Master of Political Science.
  • Master of Law.

Mission Statement:

The Program of Law is dedicated to enhance knowledge and proficiency in law and social sciences, which enable students to actively contribute to the socio-economic cultural and political research and development of the rule of law country.

Aims of the Program:

  • To provide qualified lecturers and professors, research facilities and quality law course together with innovative teaching approaches of educational learning experiences.
  • To promote students to be self-learners with critical thinking skills for the research and development of the society.
  • To produce capable graduates, potentially meet the needs of the society.
Requirements for Graduation:

The Law offers Associate and Bachelor Degrees upon students who meet the general and the specific requirements listed below.

General Requirement:

  • To be able to earn a degree in our Faculty, students have to possess a high school certificate, foundation year certificate and courses in each field of study.
  • For the bachelor’s of law, students must earn 122 credits including foundation year. It means that students must complete successfully 30 credits for the foundation year certificate and 92 credits for the last three years.
  • For the Associate Degree of Law, high school certificate is not required for the enrolment but the study of last year in high school must be guaranteed. Students will have two years of study.
Specific Requirement:
  • To earn a bachelor’s degree of Law, students must successfully complete the whole program: each ubject for the four years of study and final project paper.
  • To earn an Associate degree of Law, students must complete successfully the two years of study and are required to take the state examination.

Suggested Program of Study:

Students enroll in the either associate’s or bachelor’s degree. A two-year course for associate program to meet the needs of the students who require skills and knowledge necessary in their careers in an intermediate length of time. Meanwhile, it has an opportunity to continue to do a bachelor degree.

A four-year course for bachelor degree – one year in Foundation year and other three years in Bachelor courses. Students will acquire more competency in the field of study necessary for careers ranging from the mundane to professional management tasks and to continue to do a master or a higher degree.