Associate Degrees

  • Associate Degree of Computer Science.

Bachelor Degrees

  • Bachelor Degree of Mathematics.
  • Bachelor Degree of Physics.
  • Bachelor Degree of Chemistry.
  • Bachelor Degree of Biology.
  • Bachelor Degree of Computer Science.
  • Bachelor Degree of Management Information System.
  • Bachelor Degree of Information Technology.
  • Bachelor Degree of Application Statistic Management.

Master Degrees

  • Master of Management Information System.
  • Master of Computer Science.
  • Master of Information Technology.

Mission Statement:

The Program of Science and Technology is dedicated to produce high quality engineers and related technologists to deal with both current and future developments and researches in the societies.

Aims of the Program:

  • To provide students the research and development skills and faculties of science and technology.
  • To design courses that meet the growing and ever-changing related industries.
  • To ensure qualified in both teaching and research knowledge capacities.

Requirements for Graduation:

The Faculty of Science and Technology offers Associate and Bachelor Degrees upon students who meet all the general requirements and the specific requirements listed below.

General Requirement:

  • Complete all the requirements in the curriculum with an accumulation of at least 64 credits for an associate degree and 122 credits for a bachelor’s degree including 30 credits of foundation year.
  • Get at least 50 over 100 scores in each subject.

Specific Requirement:

  • To earn an associate degree, students who have successfully completed core course are required to take state examination.
  • To earn a bachelor’s degree, students who have successfully completed the core course and required  course are required to take the state examination and write the final project paper.

Suggested Program of Study:

Students enroll in the either associate’s or bachelor’s degree. A two-year course for associate program to meet the needs of the students who require skills and knowledge necessary in their careers in an intermediate length of time. Meanwhile, it has an opportunity to continue to do a bachelor degree.

A four-year course for bachelor degree – one year in Foundation year and other three years in Bachelor courses. Students will acquire more competency in the field of study necessary for careers ranging from the mundane to professional management tasks and to continue to do a master or a higher degree.