About the Fellowship Appointment

Fellow of Al-Khalifa Business School is an honorary appointment given to distinguish personalities from arts, governmental affairs, science and business.

This title confers an honorary affiliation to AKBS for the advancement of educational bridges between cultures.

Each candidate is considered on their merits and can be proposed from any sector of the different communities related to Business and Culture.

Fellows are elected for life on the basis of excellence in their category.

Up to 20 members are elected each year during the meetings of the Committee by voting with 80% of the accepting votes by voting of existing fellows with ratification by the AKBS Advisory Board.

In order to be nominated and subsequently selected, it is required that candidates for election must have made “a substantial contribution to the improvement of education within their respective fields.”



Each candidate for Fellowship is nominated by two Fellows (a proposer and a seconder) or directly by the Chairman of AKBS, who made formally the proposal during the Committee Meetings. Check the members of the Appointment Committee

There is no limit on the number of nominations made each year.


New Fellows are admitted with their formal written consent after receiving the appointment letter and citing the promise of endeavor to promote the good of Al-Khalifa Business School for improving culture, education and knowledge.

The certificate of appointment is issued and signed since the Office of the Chairman with the date of the election.


In the case of any type of conduct that is contrary to the good principles of the organization, as well as any conduct that implies an offense against such values will imply the dismissal as a Fellow of AKBS and the filing of the dismissal, in order to prevent any official relationship, illegitimate use of title or subsequent elections for any other formal or honorary position in Al-Khalifa Business School or any of its universities or partner institutions.

Appointed Fellows