The vision of the Al-Khalifa Business School is to motivate the human soul through exceptional accomplishments in getting the hang of, helping the network, constructing a future for the public great.

This vision will be reflected in the individuals who get honorary degrees from Al-Khalifa Business School.

Honorary degrees are planned to respect individuals whose character and whose uncommon intellectual, aesthetic, or athletic accomplishments or administration to society set a norm of greatness that justifies the Al-Khalifa Business School’s most elevated honor. 

In tolerating a privileged degree, the beneficiary also praises the soul of the Business School. Honorary degrees are expected to respect individuals of an upstanding character whose commitments are exceptional and inspirational. The appointments praise individuals who have had a groundbreaking effect and who speak to different foundations and fields of attempt.


Honorary Degrees

  • Honorary Degrees in Arts.
  • Honorary Degrees in Business.
  • Honorary Degrees in Education.
  • Honorary Degrees in Engineering and Architecture.
  • Honorary Degrees in Laws.
  • Honorary Degrees in Social Sciences.
  • Honorary Degrees in Sciences.
  • Honorary Degrees in Technology.

Election Process

Selections for candidates may originate from an assortment of sources, including individual employees, divisions, programs, or the general public.

They should be submitted through the Private Office of the Chairman or the Dean. Designations ought to be submitted to the special board on honorary degrees in the primary month of each quarter of the scholastic course. 

Initial assignments should give a short outline of the individual’s achievements and purpose behind thinking about the individual for an honorary degree. After initial thought, the special board may demand additional material on the side of a designation. The initial designation should: 

  • Three letters of support of the assignment 
  • Quickly depict the individual’s achievements, including commitments to society, culture, grant, science, or craftsmanship; and 
  • On the off chance that accessible, incorporate a short life story of the individual.


Each exertion will be made to guarantee that individual designations and conversations of candidates be confidential all through the cycle. No exposure shall be given with respect to the candidates until final approval by the Executive Committee and the Advisory Board.