He realized studies in Journalism and Law with Master of Philosophy M.Phill (Entrepreneurship) (TGOU-Nagaland), Master in Business Administration, Masters of Journalism and Doctorate of Philosophy in Management.

He held many positions in Indian and international universities like Vice-Chancellor of Kalinga University, Pro-Chancellor of Singhania University, Director-Planning, Development and  International Relations of Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Advisory Vice President (Education Initiatives) and Executive Director of Manipal Academy of  Health and  Education, Chancellor of Kalinga University,  Vice President of  Education Development at Manipal Education and Medical Group,  Director Distance Education and Registrar of Sikkim Manipal University for Medical and Technological Sciences,  Director Projects Development of Manipal Academy of  Health and  Education, Registrar Academic of International  Medical and  Technological  University and Director Planning, Development & International  Relations of Vinayak  Missions Research Foundation.

He is author of two books and a fellow of many national and international organizations as well as a receiver of more than 20 awards and honorary doctorates.