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About Prof. Milan Krajnc

Prof. Dr. Milan Krajnc is an academic and university professor in the field of management. He has been running a private practice in the field of psychotherapy for 15 years. He has been solving crisis situations in companies and family businesses for 20 years. He has written more than 300 books in the field of leadership and relationships.


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Milan Krajnc AKBS Innovation Venture Lab Vision

I am the author of 30 books and more than 200 professional and scientific articles; my latest work, entitled DYNAMIC LEADERSHIP MODEL, has already been translated into 7 foreign languages, and is still being translated in 11. I run the Mayor’s Academy, where we teach future mayors how to manage and lead in municipalities.

In the eyes of most people, I am SUCCESSFUL. However, I myself do not have this feeling.I’d rather say I’m in some kind of turbulence all the time. I also notice this in people who are seen by others the same as me – as SUCCESSFUL.

To be frank: “I won’t perfect my image of myself to be successful in the eyes of others.” Before I started “selling theory,” I created a lot as an entrepreneur, later lost a lot and created even more.

Before I started “developing the theory,” I read a lot of different books, spent hours and hours in labs, and most of all, experienced and survived many life upheavals.

Before I started teaching theory to students, I tested the theory in practice countless times.I also wish you all to be HAPPY, and so peace will reign in this world.

Milan Krajnc AKBS Innovation Venture Lab Vision works directly with the corporate leaders of today to teach the leaders of tomorrow to grow up in top ability and preparing experts to enter the current Worldwide markets.



Running a company according to natural principles: The Dynamic leadership model

Dynamic leadership model is running a company according to natural principles. Just as nature runs its processes, without stress and limiting time schedules, and in the end everything always happens as it should; we can run a business in the same way.

The purpose of education is to learn to run a business as it really should run, without games, stress and critical situations.


To cleanse the world of Negativeness

Cleanse the world of all negative or remove everything that inhibits human potential and makes life in the light impossible; so those happy and bright sides of life.

Therefore, Prof. Krajnc divided his mission and work on projects into different categories.


Human and Nature: Dynamilogy

Dynamilogy is the active study of “living” processes and phenomena in connection with man and nature! It is a new scientific science that I have substantiated on the basis of physics, psychology and economics.

It is a kind of decoding of natural secrets. For if we look at nature, we see that everything is simple, that everything works by itself. And we often say to ourselves how great it would be to be like that in our lives as well.

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Prof. dr. Milan Krajnc with his research work, which includes natural and social science postulates, Krajnc forms a new, modern and fairer economy, which primarily takes into account the potential of the working individual and seeks ways to maximize the potential of the organization, without coercion, without creating violence against the individual. His approach to a more efficient structure of organizations and consequently higher work productivity is unique, as he focuses not on making a profit, but on the long-term success of the organization, its connection with the natural environment, and personal growth of all employees. In this way, it illuminates and presents the economy from a different, natural and certainly perspective of the future, where human resources are at the forefront – the economy as a result of the personal characteristics of the people employed in an organization. It systematically builds on self-awareness, so Krajnc’s modern economy is in harmony with nature and leaves a sustainable imprint, but it also creates an annual natural growth or profit.

Milan Krajnc is an educator and psychotherapist, specializing in leaders, whom he helps from a vicious circle, where they have entered. His journey began by observing natural phenomena in the laboratory, where he first observed as a student of metallurgy and later as a student of physics how, regardless of the phenomenon, seven identical successive phases always occur. The key, he believes, even for a change of mindset in modern economics, is when an element changes structure or when energy gets a higher frequency and a step back is no longer possible. All his findings stem from this moment, which modern (quantum) physics refers to as a quantum leap. In his research work, he used the knowledge he gained by studying psychological modalities, reality therapy and transactional analysis, within which he learned more about human consciousness and subconscious. He quickly came to the realization that if an individual wants to change a habit, he must make some firm decision and not change his mind.

In order not to get lost in this process, the individual needs a map, a compass to guide him along this path. Therefore, Milan Krajnc has developed a unique model of leadership that stems from the completely simple and natural fact that the individual is aware that he needs change. Due to the inevitable connection of the model with natural processes, i.e.imitation of nature and its laws, the dynamic leadership model represents an innovative approach to human resource management in modern society, while offering the possibility of constructive growth of the modern economy and fair foundations.

His knowledge of psychotherapy adds value to his approaches, and the advantage of his models is drawing on his own experience. “Follow my advice not to repeat my mistakes,” Krajnc points out, which he justifies by the effect of psychology on humans. For the first 6 years of life, psychology builds a person’s personality, and for the next 6 years, it checks to see if it has built properly. All his claims are confirmed in various scientific findings, both in technical and social sciences. He is a master of combining different branches of science and therefore it is not surprising that in the desire for a different modern economy he accepts current dogmas, but puts them in perspective, wants to open a new horizon for the individual, because he feels that as a society we can do better and more. With one goal: to create a council of responsible leaders, and consequently also organizations with responsible employees.

Due to his personal experience of living in a violent environment, he quickly committed to changing the world into a more tolerant and respectful environment and began to realize his vision at the age of 10. At that time, as a child, with songs that laid the foundations of his thinking and approach in the fight against violence, later, at the age of 19, he organized poetry workshops and radio shows in which he deliberately avoided violence against fellow human beings. He sees the cause in violent behavior in a system that is often unjust. The whole world perceives and explains through what they have experienced on their own skin. As a technician and physics student, he didn’t understand how something could work against the rules of operation, since in technique or nature, you can’t be in two places at once. It was only later, as a student of psychotherapy, that he began to discover and understand the rules of the functioning of society as a social category. His findings that society, as well as the economy as its important branch, operates differently from natural laws, led to an even more decisive step in paving the way for a new, different, perhaps sometimes even empathic economy, where empathy does not mean weakness but a reflection of the greatness of man who acknowledges that nature is stronger and that it is time to return to it.

The most important starting point on his path to creating a dynamic management model was the key finding that crises will not be resolved with the same approach that crises actually caused, so he began to consciously add elements to the business environment, also based on rich physical knowledge, that were similar to natural processes. Thus, he began to build a new business model of corporate governance based on natural principles. And he literally started changing the world.