H.R.H. Prince Ebrahim-Farim Batelling Batelling Mansa Kunda is The “Farim Batelling”, 8th crowned “Sibi Karang Mansa” (ruler) of the 798yrs blood lineage. Farim Ebrahim is the Custodian of Sacred Royal Realm whose Establishment dates back to 1307 and among the ruling households of Mali and Kaabu Empires.  He is a precocious Environmentalist and a keen Philanthropist.

His professional background is of an Investment Banker and Strategic Developmental Economist. With specialization in major International Development Projects Financing; Public Sector Enterprises Reforms (Divestiture, Divestment and Privatisation); Public Policy and Management (Public Services and Public administration). He is also an experienced International Diplomacy Advisor. H.R.H. Prince Ebrahim is a member of Chatham House (The Royal Institute of International Affairs).

He is the Patron of Prince Ebrahim’s Future Africa Foundation (PEFAF), an Africa Focused Charitable Foundation that was established with the aim of uplifting and instilling on the African people a spirit of self-sufficiency and self-reliance by empowering them with the tools, knowledge, skills and resources needed to excel and make a better/independent living.

Their Vision is that Africa will be a Prosperous, Peaceful and Progressive continent where all her inhabitants will live in a Tolerant, Just, Equitable and Healthy environment.

To achieve their vision, PEFAF will consistently sustainably work with Communities across Africa in a holistic, inclusive, to promote awareness and dialogue on sustainable solutions for common challenges for shared prosperity. Thus, Building a platform for Peaceful, Educated and Self-Reliant Africa.

We welcome H.R.H. Prince Ebrahim-Farim Batelling Batelling Mansa Kunda on board!



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