Prof. Freire-Garabal Archive picture (2022) Last Thursday, September 21, a delegation travelled from Las Vegas, North America, and Mexico City to Madrid to participate in the unveiling ceremony of a bronze-scale statue at the Mexican embassy in Spain, an official ceremony presided over by ambassador Quirino Ordaz Coppel. The delegation from the International Association of

Prof. Freire-Garabal on Asharq News

Since the announcement of the catastrophe of the devastating earthquake that struck Morocco and caused great human and material losses, several Arab and international countries rushed to provide humanitarian aid to the North African country. How does this aid contribute to alleviating the burden of the crisis? What is the role of international institutions? كيف

“Today´s European educational framework” by Prof. Freire-Garabal on The Economic Times

The education system in Europe in the 21st century has undergone significant changes to adapt to the challenges and demands of the modern era.  Caena & Redecker defined in “Aligning teacher competence frameworks to 21st century challenges: the case for the European digital competence framework for educators (digcompedu)” on the European Journal of Education (2019)

Dr. Sindhu at Good Morning, Uzbekistan

We express our sincere gratitude for the invitation from the team of ‘Good Morning, Uzbekistan🇺🇿.’Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar from Est-Grp and  Peter Margetts from Uzbekistan Business Consultants had the honor of sharing their experiences and knowledge about Uzbekistan with a talented and youthful audience. We take pride in the opportunity to contribute to mutual understanding and

Dr. Sindhu special guest at the International Conference on Food Security, organized jointly with the Food and Agriculture Organization

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan presents its compliments to the EST Group and FSG Global and has the distinguished honour to extend a formal invitation to Your Excellency, Mr. Patrick Flanagan and Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar, to attend the International Conference on Food Security, organized jointly with the Food and Agriculture Organization.