On Thursday, April 19, Medley/Miami Mayor Roberto Martell will declare the day Nicaraguan Freedom Day, commemorating the sixth anniversary of the April 2018 rebellion in Nicaragua. This proclamation serves as a solemn tribute to the courage, resilience and aspirations of the Nicaraguan people for freedom, democracy and human rights.

The meaning of April 18 resonates deeply within the Nicaraguan community around the world, symbolizing the beginning of a widespread uprising against the Sandinista regime. The bravery of the Nicaraguan people during the 2018 rebellion exemplifies their unwavering commitment to justice, equality and democracy, despite facing violence, repression and hardship.

For Nicaraguan-Americans residing in Miami, April 18 has profound importance

as a day of remembrance of those who sacrificed their lives and freedoms in the search for a better future for Nicaragua. It serves as a cry of solidarity and support for the ongoing fight for democracy and human rights in Nicaragua.

Recognizing this day as Nicaraguan Freedom Day reaffirms Medley’s commitment to defending the universal values ​​of freedom, democracy and human rights. As we commemorate this important date, we stand in solidarity with the Nicaraguan community, recognizing their contributions to the cultural, economic and social fabric of Miami.

Mayor Martell is presenting the key to the City and a Proclamation from the City of Medley. The managers of this event were Ambassador Luis Suárez Hernández and Emy Dina Díaz – Vice Dean of the National College of Journalists of Cuba in Exile (CNP).



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