The Director of the Social Community Program, H.E. Luis Suarez Hernández Ph.D.H. has been giving a different kind of food donations to the communities of the Florida State in the United States of America during the health crisis of COVID-19.

Dr. Suarez is an example of an honorable man. Since his youth as a member of the Cuban exile, he contributed to the development of his community with humbleness. Starting to work in construction with almost 10 years old and becoming a man of success in management and business with almost 20 years old, he is a truly self-made man. 

Dr. Suárez on June 19, 2017, received the key to the City of Miami along with a Proclamation stating “June 19 on Luis Suárez Hernández Day”, a date marked as an outstanding example for society, for its achievements and goals achieved after three decades of constant study and excellent collecting of flora and fauna among other qualities that makes him a respected and admired American citizen in the Miami community.

Also on March 16th, he has his own day in the Florida State known as “Luis Suarez Day” since he received the Tribute of the State in 2016.

Archive file: Dr. Suárez receiving the Proclamation and the Key of the City of Miami because of his social contributions.

For us is a great honor to have onboard a great human being who is always giving to others without expecting any kind of reward, and having his own life at risk, trying to save lives and making a world great again.



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