The family education system seems to be changing. Although there are always black sheeps and wolves with little sheep’s clothing, destabilization seems to be manifesting in the family of the most advanced countries, especially regarding the education of mental and sensitive stability.

If history can teach us quote since the origins, it is that the family is the fundamental core of education as human beings. Family education does not depend on wealth or social status, it depends on the goodness of the human being. In this case, the words of Mitch Albom could be applied, when he said that a family is not just love, it is knowing that it will take care of you unconditionally, something that you can not get with fame, money or a job.

Hence, mainly those who succeed personally and professionally are people whose greatest source of wealth are family and friends. Those who have enjoyed family unity and the pleasure of little things with every good or bad moment it is sure that they will transmit those same good qualities to their children.

However, in a society increasingly prone to decline, we find ourselves under the strong pressure of latent selfishness in the hearts and minds of the individual. Hence, the increased concentration of divorces and separations stemming from the primary selfishness of one of the partners, rather than seeking the common weal and prosperity.

For this reason, it is recommendable to advise those who suffer not to confuse prosperity with tranquility, because Stockholm syndrome can sometimes distort the mind to unsuspected limits.

That is why there are many parents who prefer their own well-being instead of the well-being of their children.

The situations are very diverse and even far-fetched within the spectrum of the pathologies of an insane person. Among them, we can see from envy, through the possession and domination of those who are in charge, to the simple fact of enjoying the suffering of a child.

In situations such as the global lockdown due to COVID-19, it reflects perfectly how society has changed, on the one hand, it is seen how there are families that show kindness and unity, and others that are dominated by discord.

With regard to the first ones, the mental education unit is usually the same, despite the fact that could be any kind to be friction in coexistence, although frictions are always solved. The clearest way to alleviate it is the practice of patience towards the other, ignoring the defects of the other and bearing the burdens of others. In this way, following Lawrence G. Lovasik, the most basic condition of all human and social activity in the family is defined with that tactic.

Nevertheless, in the second one, there is usually disagreement generally due to an element that alters the ecosystem. Referring to virology there are two options: the virus kills the host, or the host kills the virus.

With no reference to taking up arms or violence, far from it, the lesson we must take is that the virus tends to spread and the only way to combat it is through social isolation. That is why, without selfish overtones, I personally recommend that a timely divorce is the best shot. Of course, do not forget that viruses mutate and that they can change their appearance.

In my humble opinion, these viruses, as in virology, can be due to nature or designed.

In the field of natural viruses, they tend to attack by pressure of previous psychic pathologies, which must be analyzed before infection with greater caution, because sometimes the virus takes time to express its symptoms.

Contrarily, designed viruses are usually defined by a manufacture with misanthropic tendencies, which can be translated into a bad education in origin and sometimes with previous deadly virology – translated into psychiatric pathologies from nature virus –. In this regard, the need to earn the own wealth is an important aspect to consider.

In my personal experience, as well as that of many people I use to talk with, we always agree that those who have fought for everything they have, use to have an attitude that generally do not express an aggressive behavior against the family or friends.

However, those people who has everything since they born, is tending to attend their own interest before the family, because they believe that everything they receive is by divine grace and everyone must be willing to satisfy their needs.

Then, these viruses tend to act differently. Sometimes like cancer, killing softly, annulling their relatives until the moment the virus takes the family last breath away; or, taking precedents of family violence, killing with fury every living cell in a sudden way.

Let us remember that the family borns in loyalty and not in documents, therefore, we have to follow the support and unconditional love of those who feel pure in heart and forget the social pressures or threats of those who ignore the true beliefs of mental education. As C. Joy Bell said, there is no such thing as a “broken family”. The family is the essence of life and is not determined by marriage certificates, divorce and adoption, the family comes from the heart.

Therefore, sometimes is better to be alone than with bad partners or parents. Nevertheless, in case of having life companions, try to appreciate how lucky you are. However, as a conclusion, you must consider three aspects: how and with whom to make a partnership, it is never too late to take action, and whatever you do, always think about the legacy you are leaving for your children.



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