Habits have changed. We have completed a cycle.

However, I still feel the memories of my childhood alive when with family or friends went to theaters to escape from the studies and the problems that we could have in mind. The objective was to “disconnect” from the routine.

Even though sometimes we were guided by Rambo films, where the violence was served, there was some moral or inside history whereby a hero sought something for humanity’s good.

There was always a common element to help the population be aware that there was an effort. Although we went to the movies to have a way of escape, we continued to learn with the big screen.

However, it was just that, an entertainment, a compliment, not an end, and not even a lifestyle.

Now the individuals introduce themselves not by the name, just by their entertainment credentials. That is, Netflix or HBO, favorite series, social profile, telephone brand, sports brand… It is lived by and for entertainment.

The credentials are indisputable, sometimes reaching the extreme that there can be no one who presents themselves with the same options and the same enthusiasm for them as if it were a forged passport. They have to be the most indisputable experts in a field.

The cycle is over. The end shows gratuitous and depraved violence. The human-animal is unleashed.

It is surreal how there is so much protection with identity-based on the entertainment lifestyle. However, these individuals come to falsify on gender violence, harassment and family violence solely because of envy or because they cannot satisfy their whims.

In this denouement of our historical cycle, especially in Latin cultures, we return to Pompeii’s gloomiest moments, where vice, depravity, and being idle prevail over overwork and effort.

We have always been animals, to the point of parricides, regicides, and other barbarities of man’s nature. Let us never forget Hobbes, who claimed that man is a wolf to man.

Contradicting the nobility of the 3Vs Veni, Vidi, Vici, the current philosophy is violence, vice, revenge.

In this way, more and more complaints from children to parents, rapes of minors, or murders in the family, are observed.

The public germ of this depravity can be seen in current entertainment, where it is becoming increasingly difficult to find worthwhile programming. The tasting menu is always the same: politics, sex and violence.

This new style, typical of the fall of the Roman Empire, is the hallmark of the bad-mannered individuals, beings who take entertainment as a way of life.

This naughty individuals, combined with the determinant of insanity and lack of grassroots education, have always been the cancer of society.

In their essence, they are idle animals, without trade or profit, and that, in general, have a good bed, hot food, and everything they want from birth.

The vast majority of them live on the income that others have generated with great effort, from work assigned by forced recommendation, or even from the subsidy. They are evolved hindrances with an exorbitant ego.

As in the food chain, these beings have their ladder. They are the perfect synonym for decomposers.

The argument is simple, it is about corporeal entities – although the vast majority are ghosts that inhabit social networks – that, based on pushing and dirty play, get to get the same food that a carnivore perceives.

Then is how the carnivore pursues the goal, marks it and achieves it, but in the end, either after his death or because of the unsustainable desire of the scavengers, the decomposer obtains the same prize that the carnivore has cost blood, sweat and tears.

Throughout history, bad-mannered have existed and will exist. These individuals are part of human DNA and the planet’s ecosystem. However, the more attention is paid to their presence, the higher the food chains’ stability will deteriorate until this prosperous planet becomes a cold and barren place dominated by these animals without soul.

We will have a World full of failed States, inbreeding and hunger in which these beings will dominate until, after their family wars, extinction will be the only salvation for the planet.

As with a disease, there will only be two possibilities: The host kills the virus or kills the host.

Their presence and visibility may be more significant at this time. However, our best weapon until now was the anonymity. It is easier to know the number of diseases on the planet, but it is more complex to find the cure since it is always necessary to discover the anonymous or sleeping elements that allow us to eradicate evil even in the most remote places.

In terms of educating the illness surrounding the World, the key is to come out of anonymity and fight, forget violence, and use our most potent weapon: the intellect.

So, I encourage you, dear friends, do not forget who you are.
That is why I beg you, dear comrades in arms, go out into the trenches.
That is why I urge you, dear brothers born of hard work, come out of the hole.

All of us have won in other ages,
We have won in other places,
We have always won together.

Do not forget that the pen is stronger than the sword,
Do not forget that we are greater in number and stronger,
Do not forget that we have been feeding the World for generations,
Do not allow the efforts of generations to remain in the hands of those who have been left out,
Now is not the time to surrender despite the demotivation,
Do not allow the defeat that future generations do not have to suffer.

Let us all carry on together. Let us all improve together a wonderful World that we do not have to give up.




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