November 14th was youth day. Nowadays, our youth is in a transition where real training is one of the most needed things. Youth needs challenging coaching based on cross-cultural and cross-functional learning.

Is required to advise and mentor them to put in practice some knowledge from the greatest ancestors. 

We are in the previous stage of “Game Over,” and also Higher Education is affected. Higher education is at a crucial moment where titles have lost value everywhere students go. 

Since years ago, young people seeking a job seem to have wet paper from qualified universities and schools, despite having paid fortunes in degrees masters. They are not hired due to a lack of experience or network connections.

Because the lack of experience is their issue in life, what the world needs now is to get our retired professionals back to profit from their knowledge and use it to teach tomorrow’s future leaders.

I am now 25 years old, but luckily, I could learn more than a guy my age can learn at such age. I am not a prodigy, but I could develop my senses with real personal training from a young age. Mainly thanks to my marvelous father, who taught me three principles: always listen, think before talking and never forget where we come from.

These principles worked in my humble way, as worked when my grandfather taught it to my father.

These principles are the rules of the game in human relations; nevertheless, people forget about that.

At University, we always learned more practical lessons from a teacher who is a lawyer or a surgeon than studying all the theory books. 

Experience is nothing without the wise mind’s tricks. The game’s life rules will help to construct a good network and become a true leader. Never forget to follow the principles that helped our ancestors from being servants to become the most effective weapons of diplomacy. 

Even to convince enemies to profit in a lost war, some techniques can help new generations recruit the leaders of yesterday to mentor them to become tomorrow’s leaders.

First, always go for the big fish. The boss tends to be more accessible but difficult to persuade. That’s why the rules of the game are necessary to pass to the next level.

Second, run away from being bodybuilders to impress people in life. Who seems perfect always hides defects; it is like covering the cheapest phone with a solid gold case. Real bosses still have rejection of people in love with themselves.

Third, always keep respect and distance but at the same time closeness and be useful. The key will always be to get trust even with enemies to take them to your side. The best example is how, even in wars, old enemies become allies to keep the peace and prosperity against the worst problems.

Fourth, trust is thinner than expected. Trust has to be feed continuously. Exceeding the line will lead to total rejection and that probably will be irrecoverable. 

Fifth, never deny the truth to the people who are willing to help you. If you try to deceive the opposite or tell half-truths, you will have entered into a direct war. It is essential to keep that when someone is willing to help you, he won’t judge you if you fail. He is still there because he sees in you a good potential that has to be driven.

Sixth, show that you want to learn not to use him. With that trick can be gained event, the trust and friendship of the opponent.

Seventh, never try to be more than your mentor.  When someone thinks is more than someone with more knowledge and experience, it is the fast way to defeat.

As a young mentor, not trying to mentor new generations, just advising as an older brother, I remind you something simple: always listen, think before talking and never forget where we come from.



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