Education in abundance, ill-bred in gratitude

In this increasingly crazy world, the tables alternate every day to the point of absurdity.

The crises, movements and vanities of the individual contribute to the imbalance of what was previously known as normality. Balanced life now has become strange or, even for some, politically incorrect and abnormal.

I am not referring to the practices that were once erroneous or misapplied. I mean to the values that allowed the creation of culture, the movements that raised nations, or the pillars that governed honor among men.

Maybe the social canons have been wrong from generations back, or maybe the new generations are the ones who are wrong.

Although not every past time was better than other, it seems that those of us who appreciate the legacy would give an arm to return to the multitude of values that created much of the fortune and wealth that we have today.

Non-economic fortune and wealth, fortune and wealth of knowledge and goodwill.

Fortune and wealth are the wide benefit and long way of everything that we take advantage of today and that the new generations by only including few little changes – like a baby who puts stickers to daddy’s car – consider as their own innovation.

As happens with failed social movements, some people call innovation a step backward or an advance towards absolute decline.

As François de La Rochefoucauld said, “fortunate people correct themselves little: they believe they are always right while fortune sustains their misconduct”.

The main problem arises in the ill-bred, born of occidental opulence.

Regardless of their social category and their own personal label, they have dedicated themselves to consumerism, justified as collecting, born of an unnecessary need, which has led to the storage, and not the management, of high-end waste.

Many opulent have fallen, others persist. The industries that fed them have changed or even forced them to live modestly.

However, even in modesty, they do not learn and live in their own micro-luxury and self-contemplation bubble. This is how a high percentage of young people have the latest iPhone of more than a thousand dollars in property, although for this, they have to mortgage themselves or mortgage those who feed them.

Due to the crisis and the scarcity of resources, these individuals take only what they need from those who humbly serve the common good, leaving the rest as something superfluous or unnecessary, just as the Asian hornet kills the bee to take only the thorax and throw away the rest.

Analyzing the precedents, there is only one word to define them: selfish.

Indeed, there is no greater punishment than having egoists around because once settled. There is no recovery from social death.

What mostly saddens me is that a large part of those who educated these new generations were not aware that they were spoiling them.

Passivity, weapon and trigger of extinction.

Generally, those who fathered them were born from true humility and modesty, which led them to become pure generosity and love, wanting to give their descendants what they did not have in their childhood.

This is how, from those who could prosper to a greater or lesser extent in economic boom, they have been able to contribute with their passivity and unconsciousness by making emerge a generation of monsters typical of the Apocalypse.

Even though a percentage of the new generations are aware of getting things done by their own effort, the result usually justifies the acquisition of whims and not essential goods, showing that every minimum gesture of action has to be rewarded.

We return to the concept of those who prefer to work to have short term mortgages on phones instead of getting long term savings to buy a house.

Their own personal well-being is a mark of their selfishness. Their daring is the mark of their ignorance.

Poor ignorant new generations, born of a social opulence that has contributed to their intellectual indigence.

These new generations discard and do not recycle, from their mobile phones to their families.

Great ignorance from those who are self-proclaimed ecologists, when in fact, because of their consumer waste, they have contributed to a greater extent to the imbalance of the environment than cows’ flatulence in a hundred years. They are the real problem for environmental sustainability.

Such is their audacity that they consider themselves market experts when, in fact, their excessive spending creates an economic bubble effect.

To these poor immature children, it is necessary to present the teachings of Epicurus of Samos. In the face of their insatiable attitude, they should know that wealth is not increasing assets is decreasing their greed. They must know whoever does not consider that has the most significant wealth is unhappy, even if it is the world’s owner.

Wealth and opulence, two sides of the same coin that, in truth, do not mean to be harmful. All of us only must know how to interpret.

Marx and Galbraith criticized them, albeit always praising the useful points of each. The bottom line is to avoid greed. Greed, as apparent wealth, is really 18-karat gold-plated poverty.

Poor opulent generations, oblivious to reality, living in ignorance of gratitude. New generations who born of goodness, of pure and selfless gratitude.

Someone does not know what he has until he loses it. Pity for poor rich children, who do not value even when they lose it, poor children who are born of love and gratitude.

To help them react, they must follow the words of those who suffered, who struggled and who knows how to be grateful every day for what they have achieved. Follow anonymous people and those who have risen to fame and have been grateful every step of the way.

As Oprah Winfrey says, “if you are grateful for what you have, you will generate more. On the other hand, if you focus on what you don’t, you will never have enough”.



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