Al-Khalifa Business School enters into partnership with Noble International University in 2021.

NIU and AKBS, inspired by the extensive possibilities offered by cooperation, recognize the need to develop and nurture new partnerships, with the aim to promote research understanding and contribute to the pool of global knowledge.

Considering their common interest in promoting the mutual cooperation in the area of education and research, both parties therefore wish to expand the basis for friendship and cooperative educational exchange.

Noble International University (USA), the University of Environmental Peace, is accredited by ‘California University, FCE’ and in the process to achieve the ‘Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC)’.

Noble International University (NIU) was founded in the USA by professors of the University of Toronto. It has centers across the Americas and around the world. Their aim is to further develop international teaching and research in the areas of environment, peace and international cooperation.

Since their founding, they have trained many professionals from different countries. Now, as an International University, they offer degrees, diplomas and certificates in the different levels of Undergraduate, Graduate (Master’s and Doctoral) and Special programs.

Their vision is a world where human beings and the environment thrive. For that, all forms of life and society must be at peace with each other and with the environment.

Their mission is to train the leaders of tomorrow to solve the problems of the future. it is founded on the principle of equal opportunity for all human beings. They have agreements for joint education and exchange with international universities. Not only do they accept students from all countries around the world, but they also train them to become the best environmental and social citizens.

Their graduates publish scholarly articles in the international scholarly Journal of Environmental Peace and the popular Environmental Peace Review, published earlier at the University of Toronto Library and edited at the International Innovation Projects organization. Their editors and Editorial Board members of the Journal of Environmental Peace consist of many international scholars, including five Nobel laureates. Now it is published from NIU.



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