Al-Khalifa Business School is proud to present new projects in Central Europe, particularly in Slovenia and Croatia though the mentoring programs through the vision of Prof. Milan Krajnc.

The graduation of the first promotion in the MBA in Blockchain Finance is the best example of our academic success, where the best students came through the mentoring program developed with Prof. Milan Krajnc.

The students Ana Kavčič, Jaka Krnjovšek, Jernej Kavčič and Jernej Vreg achieved the Excellence Academic Award for reaching a cumulative success of 100% and graduation with honors in the MBA in Blockchain Finance on its first promotion who finished the course program in December 2021.

Nowadays AKBS is working with Prof. Krajnc on the business economic development and the promotion of the new generations through the AKBS Innovation Venture Lab.

AKBS Innovation Venture Lab works directly with the corporate leaders of today to teach to the leaders of tomorrow to grow up in top ability and preparing experts to enter the current Worldwide markets.

AKBS offers students and partners full exclusive access to our pool of talented students in Business Areas. Becoming a partner of Al-Khalifa Business School means being able to reach out to our large network of talented young leaders. The opportunity of partnering means opening companies to students giving them the opportunity to learn and reaching new possibilities in the market with students’ commercial orientations.

Prof. Dr. Milan Krajnc is an academic and university professor at Al-Khalifa Business School and at the European Center for Peace and Development in the field of management. He has been running a private practice in the field of psychotherapy for 15 years.

He has been solving crisis situations in companies and family businesses for 20 years. He has written more than 300 books in the field of leadership and relationships and more than 200 professional and scientific articles. His latest work, entitled “Dynamic Leadership Model”, has already been translated into 11 languages, and is still being translated into several more.

Prof. Milan Krajnc has been officially nominated to the Nobel Prize of Economic Sciences 2021 by the European Center for Peace and Development, the University of Peace established by the United Nations, where he is also a full professor of Public Management.

The basis of the nomination is the development of a new business model of management that works on the principle of natural laws, improving efficiency and allowing people to work without stress, manipulation, or exploitation. It stimulates the potential of people. This means that the cucumbers in people develop differently than in the existing system. Because the feelings are different, the needs are also different. And the new needs will also change the different reactions of consumers in the market. This is how the world economy will start to change. Prof. Milan Krajnc has based the whole model on the laws of physics, taking into account the psychological patterns of people.



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