Warmest congratulations to our Prof. Olga Mroz!

“Together, we can change the world!”. These are the final words of Professor, DA (h.c.) Olga Mroz, Dame of Honour at the summit of Powerhouse Global. She received the Global Impact Leader Award, recognized as a difference-maker in the World.

This event took place on May 11-12, 2022, at the Hilton Hotel, Cobham, Surrey UK.

Powerhouse Global Summit/Awards 2022 is a gathering of world leaders. Some of the best speakers from around the world have come together to ensure the theme of this event is achieved. It is crucially important for modern leaders to make changes in their vision and style of life.

We must adapt to the progressive evolution of global information technology. This will contribute to a strong and successful economy around the world. Thus, the modern leader must be in line with the modern world. Changes in us will positively affect our youth, which is our future. We need to know that the new generation of leaders will be different. Who are they, leaders of the future? These are young people – talented, successful, with a high potential for professionalism.

A successful leader of the future. He quickly adapts to changes and learns new things, has the resources to overcome uncertainty and forms a vision for the future. He has the skills to remotely manage teams; he knows how to choose a competitive strategy in uncomfortable discussions. The leader of the future is tolerance, flexibility, trust, transparency…”



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