Dr. Luis Suarez Hernandez, Director of the AKBS Social Community Programs, supported the 211th Anniversary of Paraguay Independence.

The General Consulate of Paraguay in Miami organizes these days an arts festival to celebrate the commemoration of the 211 years of National Independence.

This event will be held with the participation of Paraguayan artists, in the main theater of Miami Dade College, North Campus on May 13, at 6 pm, under the auspices of the Miami-Dade County, the International Trade Consortium of the county Miami-Dade, Miami Dade College, businessmen and friends from Paraguay.

The artistic exhibition will consist of a presentation of traditional dances and Paraguayan music by renowned artists who will come to Miami exclusively from Paraguay, such as the members of the Ballet Compasses, from Asunción, directed by Professor César Vinader and the special performance of the interpreter Andrea Valobra, as well as an exclusive presentation by Miami-based piano teacher Nancy Luzko.

“I am extremely pleased to invite the Paraguayan community and all the friends of Paraguay who are in Miami to live a special moment with our traditions, our dance, our music,” Justo Apodaca Paredes, the Consul General of Paraguay, told DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS. Paraguay in Miami.

He explained that “higher local authorities, businessmen and members of the accredited consular body in Florida will also accompany us.” The event will close “with a group of singer-songwriters made up of Verónica Benítez, accompanied by harp and guitar, and a traditional dance from the Republic of Paraguay that we hope will be to the liking of all those present.”

They also plan a “show of plastic arts by the Paraguayan teacher Hernán Miranda, which will open on May 17 at 6 p.m., and will last 30 days at Miami Dade College itself, in the art exhibition hall “.

As he added, “I hope to see you there and join us on that very special night for Paraguay to remember the 211th anniversary of independence. My country experienced very significant moments in its history, and today, once again, we remember the architects of our independence, our heroes, who bravely were willing to give their lives in the early hours of May 14-15, 1811, a historic moment that made us a free, sovereign and independent country”.

As a curious fact, Paraguay is considered to be the only country in the world where two Independence Days are celebrated. In addition, as Margarita Durán Estragó points out in the book Las Independencias Iberoamericanas, “Paraguay’s independence was not limited to May 14 and 15, 1811; it was the result of a long and difficult process that lasted until the Jura de la Independencia. in 1842, achieving its political consolidation with its recognition by the Argentine Confederation in 1852”.

The Consul took the opportunity to entertain mothers in a month where women are celebrated: “It is a great honor for me to also invite and greet Paraguayan and foreign mothers in the month of May, who give us their love with much self-sacrifice, and to whom we owe practically everything. History tells that they knew how to awaken and bravely rebuild the post-war Paraguayan nation, and they are and will continue to be, due to their character, the fundamental pillar of Paraguayan society”.

Likewise, he stressed that “within our consular management plan we are working hard for the promotion and dissemination of Paraguayan culture and carrying out cultural diplomacy reaching all sectors of society in Miami and the state of Florida.”

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