Prof. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez with Dr. Vivek Lall (Chief Excecutive of General Atomics Global Corporation and AKBS Advisory Board Member) receiving an appreciation token with the US Presidential Seal. Picture by Rafael Plaza


Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez, Leader of Online Education

That online education has become one of the fastest growing disciplines at an international level is not a secret to anyone. Progressively, there are more and more academies that we have that allow us to carry out our training at distance. Without having to carry out any physical displacement, allowing optimization of all available time.

In order to achieve this, the work of certain personalities related to this issue has been key. Among all of them, Professor Sir Manuel Freire Garabal y Núñez has been one of the most outstanding personalities. Under his responsibility he founded the Al Khalifa Business School (AKBS). A company specialized in education that offers higher education to all kinds of educational groups and whose results have been praised on many occasions.

More than 63,000 students worldwide

With more than 700,000 scholarships worldwide and 214 representatives worldwide, AKBS boasts more than 63,000 alumni who have a presence in more than 40 different countries. Demolishing any myth regarding the impossibility of carrying out distance training with great efficiency. This is so because an employability of more than 87% is achieved among all students.

His impact on the educational sector has been such that he has received an Honorary Doctorate from Ritz Raffles University. For this, the distinction has been made for having recognized “their exemplary achievements that have made significant and extraordinary contributions to society, as the highest international recognition granted by the University”.

Currently, the professor continues to be an advisor in a large number of universities and all kinds of multinationals. Demonstrating the excellent consideration that he has in this type of educational spaces.

Peruvian Congress Medal

The presence of the AKBS is such that Sir Manuel Freire Garabal y Núñez has also received the Peruvian Republic Congress Medal. To do this, he has used the connections of the country itself with the values that the team behind the platform and that allow to print in all the activity. With associations that allow expanding the training of all students who have their origin in this country and that help them to carry out the coverage of all the existing needs in this matter.

With the support of the International Board, demonstrating his notoriety in his field of action

Sir Manuel Freire Garabal y Núñez has had a great impact on the institution with the support of the International Board. In addition to the professor himself who currently occupies the lines of this article, we also meet Professor Olga Mroz, from Germany. The Director of the Business Program Hari Eppanapally PhD from the USA or Sir Luis Suárez Hernández PhDH from the USA.

His leading role in a large number of fields is due to the notoriety that all his books have achieved and his excellent performance in charge of the different scenarios in which we find ourselves. Many of his books have established themselves as a benchmark in microeconomics and banking. With a special interest in the development of the empowerment of small entrepreneurs and families. He always acting with a social perspective in all the actions he has carried out.

Among the different media outlets that have signed some of his articles and his contributions in the cultural field are Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, MSNBC or Microsoft, among many others. In addition, he highlights his role as a contributor to The Economic Times or the Times of India.

With the recognition of large international organizations

In addition to everything mentioned above, and in order to conclude any of the elements mentioned above, it is worth knowing that his resume also shows his ability to be a registered senior lieutenant in the All-Russian Public Organization for the Development of Cossacks. In addition to being a Community Service Police with credentials that are endorsed by both the Federal Government of the United States and the International Organization in The Hague.

His contribution to philanthropy has been no different. Being an outstanding person for the contributions that he has made and that allow him to cover a large number of areas. Standing out as Humanitarian Person of the Year and Personality of the Year.

As we have seen, it is no coincidence that Sir Manuel Freire Garabal y Núñez has become one of the most outstanding personalities at an international level. He is currently considered one of the great titans in everything that has to do with online education. With his platforms having established itself as one of the best options we can find to carry out training from any region, regardless of where we are.

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