Crises are a common phase in any growth process. Over time, all companies experience crises and situations that are difficult to manage. However, the big problem does not lie in the crisis itself, but in the inability to identify the causes that originate it or to design effective response plans.

Milan Kranjc has become an expert in analyzing problems and finding solutions. Throughout his career, he has managed to acquire a high and unusual knowledge within the field of business management.

“Certain people just don’t like me, some fear me, mostly because of fears within themselves. I have interesting and somewhat different methods than all the other teachers or coaches, I am not classical in my methods. I help and direct people so that they don’t get lost and bring them to the point where they start behaving differently.

My approach is appropriate for a higher level of consciousness. What counts most is the fact that what I teach I also practice in everyday life.

With more than three hundred books written and more than two hundred informative and scientific articles published, Milan Krajnc has become an emerging figure in the field of economics. Recently, he has released his latest work.

Through the pages he shares The Dynamic Leadership Model. This model has been successfully applied in more than a hundred cases, becoming a highly useful resource for managing and overcoming professional and personal crises.

The transversal axes of this business model are organization and communication. The strategic management of both dimensions can provide a context of protection and stability for those professionals who are in the middle of the negotiation process.

According to the author, the model is based on the rules that prevail in nature itself and the foundations of its methodologies are organic and easily applicable to any type of business or sector. In reality, a large part of the process has important psycho-emotional and social implications, obviously contextualized in the field of business administration and management.

If you have ever had the feeling of finding yourself facing a fortune teller from the business world, perhaps you should know that behind intuition there are reasons that are not exactly supernatural in origin. An entrepreneur who knows his employees can predict his decisions as well as other actions.

In reality, everything is based, according to Kranjc, on the laws of physics and the knowledge that the personality that has the greatest influence on the entire process is that of the director.

When there are problems in the dynamics of a company, the origin is probably hidden behind the behavior of the director of said company. When he or she changes her behavior, it acts as a kind of catalyst and the causes that originate the most serious problems disappear.

Kranjc directs the Academy of Mayors, an institution specialized in training future mayors in the management and direction of municipalities. However, his career goes further. The author has solid international recognition. Psychotherapist, crisis manager, writer or professor at prestigious universities, Kranjc has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics for the development of his Dynamic Leadership Model as a highly effective proposal to bring companies to the maximum of their potential.

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