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Every spring the Madrid Book Fair is one of the main cultural events for lovers of books and literature.

It first took place in 1933. Today, the over 350 stalls set up along the Paseo de Carruajes avenue in Madrid’s Retiro park not only offer the public the chance to discover the latest literary offerings, but also to meet their favourite writers.

Prof. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez and Prof. Milan Krajnc we’re among distinguished authors presenting their books at the Madrid Book Fair 2022.

‘In your parents’ shoes’

Professor Krajnc’s book titled ’In your parents’ shoes’ (2021) is a guide for family-owned companies. The book presents an innovative way of looking at family entrepreneurship; a company cannot only be a means of attaining material and personal goals. It is part of its context; society and environment.

Professor Krajnc argument is that this is why it is important to thoroughly think through every decision before you make it and ensure that decisions are always long-term. Professor Krajnc invites the reader to look at how the decision will affect not only the reader but also how it will affect the surroundings.

”This is why it is important for your thoughts to be pure when making decisions and that you start from the peace you had achieved within yourself. You can only reach purity through the ethical behaviour that is encouraged by this manual with its solutions.” from

The manual is therefore not a technical aid, but rather aids deliberation and elevates the culture of leadership and cooperation.

Madrid Book Fair 2022

Every day, the bookshops and publishing companies organise book-signing sessions featuring the most popular authors. What’s more, visitors can find all kinds topics and new books arranged on the different stands, which you can buy.

H. E. Professor Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez’s recent book ‘XXI Century Bussines‘ describes how Business learning will be the process, and you all also understand how a business starts and how they can profit from it.

And we all know business is all over to related to a name that is enterprise and every activity will be involved, such as if you are in business, you must be used to buying, selling and exchanging.

Because we all know without these three components, you can’t run a business because this is the company’s heart.

And every Entrepreneurs will also use the communities to make their business runtime bigger than they have. And this can make people happy and satisfied.

And there has one reason why we are going to learn this business learning process.

The book is available on



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