Arkansas Traveler official document received by Dr. Luis Suárez
Dr. Luis Suárez archive photo

Our Director of Social Community Program, Dr. Luis Suárez Hernández, was honored with the “Arkansas Traveler” by official State appointment from the Governor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson and the Secretary of State John Thurston. The Arkansas Traveler is an honorary title bestowed on notable individuals who, through their actions, serve as official goodwill ambassadors for Arkansas’s US state. Among the different notable recipients, there are President Donald Trump, President Ronald Reagan, Muhammad Ali, Maya Angelou, and Steve Forbes.

The Arkansas Traveler is an honorary title bestowed on notable individuals who, through their actions serve as goodwill ambassadors for the US state of Arkansas.

The award was approved in a resolution by the Arkansas Legislature. The award was created in early 1941 with the first certificate granted May 20, 1941, to President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Before becoming President, Bill Clinton conferred the Arkansas Traveller title upon numerous individuals as well.

Amb. Luis Suarez Hernandez is a Cuban American Businessman and Journalist.

Dr. Luis Suarez in one of his multiple yearly aid campaigns in Florida, USA

He is a true philanthropist who works across the world giving free education, food, or health improvement to many communities personally. Specially in countries like Peru, El Salvador or Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia he travels usually to give to the most needed communities everything they need and even more, because he always improves their quality of life substantially.

Dr. Luis Suarez with President Nayib Bukele (El Salvador) at the Presidencial Palace
Dr. Luis Suarez with President Nayib Bukele (El Salvador) at the Presidencial Palace

He is the President & Chief Curator of Suarez Museum of Natural Science & History, the President of Suro Global Corp and the President of DAL Medical Service.

Through his different corporations he brings new opportunities to different countries and promotes art, culture and social well-being.
Because just few lines are not enough in order express my admiration for this outstanding man, I am pleased to share some of the multiple accolades he already received in the US and Globally.

Dr. Luis Suárez receiving a Government appointment from the Municipality of Machu Picchu

Between his multiple accolades we can find:

  • Universal Excellence Award (2018).
  • Tribute to Luis Suárez – State of Florida (2016).
  • Proclamation of Miami Dade County (2015).
  • Proclamation of City of Miami Dade (2017).
  • Proclamation of North Miami Beach (2020).
  • Proclamation for the entire month of April “Rehabilitation of Wildlife” (2016). – Nelson Mandela Medal – Africa (2017).
  • Key of Medley / Miami (2017).
  • Key of Puno / Peru (2018)
  • Key of Perene / Peru (2018).
  • Key of Alis / Peru (2018).
  • Key to the City of Miami (2018).
  • Key of San Cristobal / Dominican Republic (2018).
  • Key of San Francisco de Macoris / Dominican Republic (2018).
  • Key of the Municipality of Machupicchu (2019).
  • Key of Milagros / Ecuador (2029).
  • Key of Mano FM / Honduras (2019)
  • Key of Playa / Ecuador (2020).
  • Key of Daule / Ecuador (2021).
  • Key of Galapagos (2021).
  • Keys of San Cristobal (2021).
  • Keys of Provincial of Pasco – (2022).
  • Peace Maker Award – Great Necklace (2019).
  • Cultural Ambassador by decree of Cities such as Machupicchu (2022), Ollantytaytambo (2022), Maras (2022), Uchuraccay (2022), Cotaruse (2022), or Hawaii (2019).
  • Environmental Ambassador of Galapagos (2021).
  • Order Pedro Nel Ospina Vásquez – The Great Cross – Hall of Boyacá of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia (2017).
  • Adoptive Son of Huamanga / Ayacucho (2022).
  • The President Volunteer Service Award ( Gold ) by President Donald Trump – (2019). – Praxis Award (2019).
  • Golden Sun Award (2019).
  • Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award by President Donald Trump – (2020).
  • Melvin Jones Award – Lion Club International (2021).
  • Peru Congress Metal Award (2021).
  • Praxis Award (2021).
  • Golden Sun Award (2021).
  • Christin Educator Medal – Africa (2022).
  • Praxis Award (2022).
  • Golden Sun Award (2022).
  • Key Award Pin of Lions Club International (2022).
  • Knight of Columbus – Fourth Degree (2018).
  • Royal and Military Order of San Miguel del Ala – Grand Cross (2019).
  • Order of the Immaculate Conception of Vila Vicosa Commander (2019).
  • Royal Knight Association of the Monastery of Yuste – Knight (2018).
  • Royal Order of the Lion of Godenu – Grand Cross (2018).
  • The Order of the Torsón de Oro De Santiago (2018).
  • Imperial Hispanic Order of Charles V of the Heraldic Society – Comendador (2018). – Hawaii Order of Kapiolani – Grand Cross (2019).
  • Order of the Crown of Hawaii – Grand Cross (2019).
  • Royal Order of the Star of Oceania – Grand Cross (2019).
  • Order of Francisco De Paula Santander – Extraordinary Grand Cross (2020).
  • Colonel of the Dominican Republic Firefighters (2019).
  • President / Founder of Miami Ambassadors Lions Club. (2022).
  • Board Member of Elderly Affairs Committee of the Town of Miami Lakes (2021).
  • Chamber Of Commerce of Medley / Miami – Executive Director & International Relations.
  • He received over 50 keys and recognitions from municipal governments and also was a Distinguished Guest of different Cities. He also has received multiple Honorary Doctorates in different fields.

Warmest congratulations Dr. Suárez for all the great job you did!


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