Politicians responsible for affordable health care should investigate pharmaceutical tax exemptions.  The 2021 World Health Organization […]
The Mayor Alfredo Reynaga of the City of Independence welcomed Ambassador Luis Suárez together with a […]
Mayor Ramon Hereña Roque of the Provincial Municipality Daniel Alcides Carrión appoints Dr. Luis Suárez as […]
On May 11, 2023, Dr. Luis Suarez received the inauguration as AMBASSADOR FOR UNIVERSAL PEACE for […]
In the Parque de la Amistad in the populous district of Surco in Lima, Peru, on […]
Read on The Economic Times The future of the human race is dependent upon Healthcare challenges. […]
Photo: Lawyer Kevin Gevara, Rector Ricardo Ortega, Doctor Raul Basantes, Ambassador Luis Suárez, Mariuxi A. Contreras, Luis […]
Ambassador Doctor Luis Suárez Hernández supported with donations representing the Suarez Museum of Natural Science & […]
Dr. Luis Suárez is recognized in the previous ones of the Municipality of Guayaquil by Josué […]
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