The Mayor Alfredo Reynaga of the City of Independence welcomed Ambassador Luis Suárez together with a delegation from Miami and Colombia, as well as the official members of the Miami Ambassadors Lions Club.

The event was full of emotions since they were celebrating Mother’s Day and we had a presentation by Jose Richard Gallego, he is a 41-year-old deaf-blind-mute man who has a syndrome called Usher Syndrome Cesar Daza that he was translating into all time.

There was also a recognition ceremony which recognized all the mothers with a beautiful diploma and a golden pin in support of MADRES COURAGES.

Ambassador Luis Suárez together with Monica Canales, director of Dstino Peru magazine, were recognized with a beautiful plaque.

The Mayor expressed his most sincere gratitude to the Lions club since he was also a lion and Ambassador Suárez had the opportunity to personally congratulate all the mothers present and also Miss Yadira Silva for the logistics provided.


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