Mayor Ramon Hereña Roque of the Provincial Municipality Daniel Alcides Carrión appoints Dr. Luis Suárez as INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL AMBASSADOR and granting him the City Key.

The Daniel Alcides Carrión Province is the smallest of the three provinces that make up the Pasco Region in Peru. It owes its name to the medical student Daniel Alcides Carrión. The capital of this province is Yanahuanca.

The Province is divided into 8 districts which are Yanahuanca, Chacayán, Goyllarisquizga, Paucar, San Pedro de Pillao, Santa Ana de Tusi, Tapuc, Vilcabamba.

Location of Daniel Alcídes Carrión in the Pasco Region, Capital Yanahuanca. Area 1,887.23 km2 (728.66 sq mi), Population 43,580, Density

23/km2 (60/sq mile).

Ambassador Suárez promised that he would soon visit the City of Daniel Alcides Carrión.


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