At the mayor’s office of the city of Medley, a meeting was held with great personalities and Ecuadorian leaders such as Mayor Roberto Martell, Edgar Ayala (Vice Mayor), Michael Pizzi (Lawyer of the city of Medley), Karina Pacheco (Councilman), Luis Suárez Hernández (Executive Vice President of the Miami Lakes Republican Party), Alfredo Tamayo (Assembly Member for USA/Canada), Alex Molina (USA/Canada Campaign Manager of the ADN Movement), Cesar Caicedo (Vice President of the Ecuadorian Chamber of Commerce), María Fernanda Meza (Leader of women entrepreneurs in Florida) and the businessmen; Bernardo Albornoz, Jorge Sarmiento, Carlos Sarmiento, Myrian Faria and Gloria Rojas among others…. Several points were discussed at the meeting; one of them, The mayor adapted putting the name of Ecuador on one of the streets in Medley / Miami – Florida. The conversation focused on the country’s cultural and political issues and the formal support of Democracy.



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