A night of Celebration was held on Friday, October 27 in gratitude for the victory of President Daniel Noboa Azin.

Community Activist Maria Fernanda Meza took on the task of giving them a special night where everyone could enjoy the union and at the same time recognize them for being a force and having contributed from the beginning so that the new leader is elected, they were also given a recognition to authorities such as the Councilman of Miami Lakes Ray García, the Consul General of Ecuador Maria Josefa Coronel and Ambassador Luis Suárez for their support of this great movement, the Journalist Jessenia Hatty, the Director of the Ecuadorian Chamber of Commerce were also present – American Cesar Caicedo, Paquita Cabrera, Martha Pacheco, Bernardo Albornoz, Carlos Sarmiento, Fernando Rojas, Gabriela Cruz, Maria Jose Martinez, Maria Fernanda Egas, Jhon Cotto, Enrique Manso, Mercedes Garaycoa, Dra Guisella Orellana, Arq Donal Senatore, Lcda Beatriz Garay, Lcda Cecilia Rendón, Ing Andrés Gamio, Elena Rendón Constante de Gamio, Mauro Lopez, Mario Mauyin, Jhon Realphe, Andrea Rojas, Paola Naranjo, Mytzy Pulley, Xavier Gonzalez, Maria Suarez, Maria Rojas Adelaida Briones, Julissa Nicole, Orozco Mendoza, Andrea Rojas, Xavier González Rosado, Paola Naranjo Saenz, Daysi González Rosado among others; Ecuadorians joined in celebrating Democracy and the triumph of President-Elect Daniel Noboa Azin.

They thanked the Ecuadorian businessman Fabian Tapia, owner of Ceviche Miami, for his attention and professionalism and above all for his delicious cuisine.

The community in turn praised the effort, dedication, transparency, leadership and human quality of Maria Fernanda for the success of the campaign and also Assemblywoman Valentina Centeno.



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