Our Director of Social Community Program for Al-Khalifa Business School Dr. Luis Suárez Hernández during several months of work, send a donations that were destined for Peru from Miami / Florida were finally made. Just like a few months ago another container of medical supplies was donated to Ecuador, this time it went to Peru.

We want to thank the volunteers for these donations Dayamy Rodríguez, Maely Suárez, Yleam Suárez, Yemely Suárez, Michael Gonsalez and Ramon Rodriguez and Luis Suárez Hernández who worked very hard to collect all these donations, which was the total of a 40-piece container.

The donations consisted of Wheelchairs, Medical Kits, Medical Nitrile Gloves, Antibacterial Wipes, Medical Masks, Examination Gloves, Electric Wheelchairs, Portable Shower, Medical Portable Crane, 3-layer Medical Masks, Hand Sanitazer, Medical Gowns, Women’s Intimates, Pampers, Clothing, Footwear, Coats, Children’s Books, Prescription Glasses, Portable Walker, Portable Toilet, Children’s Tricircle, Face Shields, Ultra Violet Glasses, Nebulizers, Walking Sticks among others.

The Donations were supported by Doctor Hugo Romeu, Pastor Mesia Nascimiento, Robert Mart, Miami Springs Lions Club, Miami Ambassadors Lions Club and Suárez Museum of Natural Science & History.

The donations were received in Lima by Mayor Ramón Hereña from Daniel Alcides Carrión and his Regidor, Monica Canales, Karla Milagros San Miguel Canales, Armando Cornejo Florez.

The Miami delegation will go to Peru very soon to deliver all these donations to those most in need.

Ambassador Luis Suárez said that it was a great pride to have been able to achieve these donations once again and thanks to everyone who made this possible, because without them it would not have been possible and he concluded with a flourish saying very clearly that “IN THE UNION IS STRENGTH “



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