At Miami International Airport, the consuls’ dinner party was held in the Protocol Room. The event was elegant and composed with an exquisite dinner as well as a delicious cake gue sponsored by pastry chefs Haydecily Pérez and Dayamy Rodriguez from Suro Global Corp. as could not be missed accompanied by excellent music. Most of the Consuls were present.

We want to thank the protocol staff of Miami International Airport and especially U. Desmond Alufohai Director Protocol & International Affairs Division Miami-Dade Aviation Department for his invitation, his great work and professional team. The party was magnificent with a very positive and happy atmosphere. It was a great success.

The consuls of Guatemala, Paraguay, Trinidad & Tobago, Sierra Leone, Jamaica, Argentina, Grenada, Trinidad of the Netherlands, Suriname, Bangladesh, Saint Lucia, France, Taiwan, Japan among others were present.

Ambassador Luis Suárez was invited to the podium by U Desmond who was happy to formally thank everyone for their presence and wish them a Merry Christmas. During the event there were raffles and the consuls were called individually and were able to dance in the presence of everyone demonstrating their talent.



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