Peru has been recognized again at the prestigious World Travel Awards (WTA) 2023, known as the “Oscars of Tourism” for rewarding excellence in the tourism and travel industry in the world. This year, the country continues its triumphant rise on the international scene by being recognized with four awards at the South American level.

Three of these recognitions are for the entire country, such as “Best culinary destination in South America”, “Best cultural destination in South America” and “Best leading destination in South America”. Meanwhile, the fourth prize recognizes the Machu Picchu sanctuary, in the Cusco region, being awarded as the “Best tourist attraction in South America.”

Peru, highlighted in these awards since 2009, has been working tirelessly to promote its natural beauty, its rich culture and its outstanding gastronomy. This has resulted in numerous awards over the years: between 2012 and 2022, it has been chosen ten times as the “Best Culinary Destination in the World” and nine times as the “Best Culinary Destination in South America”. All of this has consolidated its position as a culinary reference at the regional level.

Ambassador Luis Suárez Hernández affirms that it is an honor to represent Peru internationally.



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