Entertaining children in the popular neighborhoods of the El Carmen Manabi Canton, Ecuador. Thank you Ambassador Luis Suárez and Mayor Roberto Martell of Medley / Miami – Florida, Eng. Carlos Garay and Mr. Jairo Garay for those donations to the vulnerable people of our country in Ecuador. All the children were very happy for their nice Christmas gifts.

The El Carmen canton is an Ecuadorian subnational territorial entity, in the Province of Manabí. Its cantonal capital is the city of El Carmen, where a large part of its total population is grouped.

The canton is divided into parishes that can be urban or rural and are represented by the Parish Governments before the Mayor’s Office of El Carmen.

El Carmen has an area of ​​1,732 km² including Manga del Cura, a territory that was formally incorporated in 2017. Its limits are:

To the north with the province of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas; There is no precise delimitation, To the south with the Province of Guayas, To the east with the Province of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas and the province of Los Ríos and to the west with the Flavio Alfaro Canton.



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