In August 2019 borns Al-Khalifa Business School, an educational company founded in 2019 (United Kingdom) that offers Post-Graduate Level Higher Education,   Cultural Education and  Educational Support Services.

What we want is offer quality and high profile professionals for help our students to grow up in their jobs with the formation of a top business school at moderate prices.

We offer post-graduate courses, certificates and specializations that are characterized by High Quality, lowest and the most affordable costs for higher education programs and non additional costs for accelerated studies given by high profile professionals from the best companies Worldwide.

In August 2019, we opened our first office in the City Center of London (United Kingdom) since which we are developing our first programs in Higher Education for the Future with the advisory of different experts from Worldwide in the areas of Business and Profitable industries of our Time that will be developed trough our online campus.

In this project we are advised for experts of many areas from Forbes, Harvard University, Berklee School of Music or the Russian Government with the fortune of being under the Royal Patronage of His Highness Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf and the Strategic Partnership of Assaf Foundation.




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