In our days, the development of Higher Education is going through one of the most drastic transformations in our history. Right now, we live in the era of technological innovation, the rise of social networks and communications, driving the renewal of an educational sector to a stage that would not have been considered in our recent history.

This change born by resistance and disruption has caused a systemic change could boost the establishment of new teaching methodologies and the application of advanced technology in education.

In particular, the particular case is that of online education, which is creating new expectations and purposes that allow the diffusion of concepts once reserved for large and expensive universities and business schools.

In this way, concepts and perceptions can be disseminated anywhere in the world with a single click from the computer and can be followed at the time and needs desired by the student. In this way, the world is your oyster where you can get almost anything and everything with the touch of your finger, without leaving the comfort of your home.

That is why it can be said that online education, without a doubt, is the future of the education system.

Despite the drawbacks, online learning has progressed significantly in the penetration of all the pillars of education, both in corporate learning and in higher education.

Some leaders of the educational and corporate sector have discovered significant methods with which online learning is better than in-person learning and, as a result, the widespread implementation of connected technology is encouraged to drive educational initiatives.

The factors that have generated such success range from the wide variety of educational materials, the flexibility and the high quality of the methods and opportunities offered by online education.

Due to the high quality and quantity of materials, the only option we have left to those who dedicate ourselves to higher education is to innovate and be completely disruptive in the sector. Because of disruption, recently I have created a project called “Al-Khalifa Business School” with whom we want to develop, with the support of relevant universities, institutions and relevant professionals, a new way of Online Learning.

Because our project wants to offer Post-Graduate Level Higher Education, Cultural Education and Educational Support Services with High Quality, we started with the aim of create innovation in business learning in different areas of Business like Agriculture, Media, health, law, music and economy with flexible programs for helping busy adults to study from anywhere. 

The Intention is to develop some of our personal founding values with the aim of disrupt in the new generations with ideas like:  Entrepreneurial and Success Spirit, aiming our students to innovate with the moderation in the path, studying risks and results; Independence and Diversity: taking care in the equality opportunities opening our doors to different cultures and economies promoting individual and group works because the success never is known where born; and Relevance in Research and Teaching, taking from traditional and emerging systems for valuate since diversity the best ways of getting success in the Professional way.

To disrupt in the educational area, oneself has to review many steps.

First of all, Changing the way you deliver instruction, because of students need more effective ways to learn. You need to develop personalized learning. This is what they want and soon will expect. As we say, “everyone learns differently, Higher education can no longer rely on “warehouse learning,” cramming hundreds of students in a room, employing only one teaching style and expecting it to work for everyone”.

Second, have to be on post-graduation in theory but more practically. Students need an education grounded in the real work they’ll be doing after graduation. As an industry, we need to do a better job of listening to the people and companies who will employ our students, whose success depends on our ability to shut our mouths and open our ears. When we engage corporations more deeply, partnerships can be about more than fundraising and naming rights. They lead to more tailored, targeted programs that address the most high-priority needs for employers and jobs for our students.



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